Indraprastha College of Education & Techology

This commitment to the development of society through higher education will keep growing without compromising at all on quality of education to be infracted. The infrastructure of the institute will be added on progressively.


The College has spacious laboratories and workshop fully equipped with latest modern equipment as per the N.C.T.E norms.
Institute has fully computerized Labs.

1. Psycho Lab

 In I.P.C.E.T. campus their is well maintained psycho lab available for students.


2. Computer Lab (Computer Center and Internet)

The laboratory is equipped with 15 Pentium 4 terminals for high speed processing .All the systems are provided with 24 hours internet facilities and wireless internet connection.


4. Physics Lab

The state of the art apparatuses, equipment and a dark room   for optical experiments are housed in this laboratory.



5. Chemistry lab

Like all the laboratories the Chemistry Laboratory is quite spacious and well equipped with fire safety systems and provides a lot of free space  free working.
6 large lecture and tutorial rooms -four quite large  lecture hall and equal number of tutorial rooms..


7. Faculty hall –A large faculty /staff room with a provision for industrial faculty rooms .

8. Conference hall – A huge conference hall for visited lecture, presentation etc .

9. language lab - A fully equipped language lab with all the sound devices

10. library – Well stocked with more than 5000 books.                                                             


Indraprastha College of Education & Technology


Indraprastha College of Education & Technology is a college affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut and approved by the National Council for teacher education (NCTE) for conducting B.Ed. course, is a philanthropic non-profit making venture under the aegis of Shubham Shiksha Samitee comprising of renowned academicians and social thinkers.

I.P.C.E.T. is one such institute which is committed to make a sustained effort to impart value based teacher education to young graduates.

Other than the highly qualified and committed full time faculty, the institute has a rich resource base of visiting faculty to provide the students a strong base


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Anti Raging Policy

Ragging in all its forms is totally banned in this institution including in its departments, constituent units, all its premises (academic, residential, sports, kiosks, cafeteria and the like) whether located within the campus or outside and in all means of transportation of students whether public or private. The institution shall take strict action against those found guilty of ragging 

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